A must know information if you’re going to play online poker

A must know information if you're going to play online poker

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Doesn’t want to lose money? Then this is A must know information if you’re going to play online poker. At least not the big value of money, but, this online trusted poker suits all of the people who loves to gamble but doesn’t want to lose money.

But before breaking off the topic here is some of the information and terminologies that you need to know before playing;

Online Poker was the one who is responsible for a huge added population in playing poker worldwide, being a casino game online that can be downloaded easily in every smartphone and tablets, there’s no doubt in that on why there is a big increase in the population of poker players.

In playing every game in the biggest online casino in Asia there is always a certain terminology that only reserves for a certain game.

In playing Online Poker in online casino , there are so many terminologies to memorize, and here are some of those;

  1. All in – it is the term to use if we’re going to bet all of the chips we had in the current hand.
  2. Ante – it is the term if required force bet is needed.
  3. Bank (House) – in an Online Poker it’s not a place where we put our money but, it is the person who is responsible for distribution of chips, keeping tracks on the buy-ins and paying the winner at the end of the game.
  4. Bankroll – in Online Poker, money was not the term used for money, it is bankroll, and this bankroll was the one player has to wage.
  5. Bet – it is the term where the player put a money wager during the playoff in hand.
  6. Chip – the casino token.
  7. Kicker – its other term is side card. For example; the kicker in cards Q-Q-10-5-2 is the card 10-5-2.
  8. Suit – in a deck card, the suit is the group of the cards. Spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs is the four suits of cards.

A must know information if you’re going to play online poker

A must know information if you're going to play online poker
A must know information if you’re going to play online poker

 After knowing the terminologies in playing a live poker online in casino, here are the ten hand rankings on Online Poker;

  1. Royal flush – it is the most famous hand in poker, and it cannot be beaten. It consists ace, queen, king, jack and ten of a single suit.
  2. Straight flush – it is a combination of five cards in one suit that arranges in a sequence form.
  3. Four of a kind – this hand consists of four cards of equal value and a kicker.
  4. Full house – it’s a hand that has three cards of the same rank with two cards of different matching rank.
  5. Flush – it’s a hand that has five cards with the same suit but not in a sequence form.
  6. Straight – it is a five-row suited card in sequence.
  7. Three of a kind – it is a three cards with the same rank and two unrelated sides of a card.
  8. Two pair – it consists two cards of matching rank, two cards of different matching ran and one kicker.
  9. Pair – it has two cards of matching rank and three unrelated side cards.
  10. High card – it is a hand that does not qualify under the other categories.

In playing online poker sites or playing in online casino website, we always have this so-called strategy for us to win. And here are some tips and strategies that will suit you;

  1. Always start at the bottom – in every game, we should always start as a novice, and as a novice, we always concerned to our money in the game. In Online Poker we should only start betting bankrolls in a small amount, so we can still continue if we didn’t win in a single game.
  2. Be familiar – in playing online, we also knew that we can’t see our opponents, but only their pictures, but the things are, in a face-to-face battle we can conclude what does is opponent up to by just looking at them, but in online we can’t do it, so let’s all be familiar to our new environment in playing.
  3. Be single – before we try a new game we always try to play on our own, because by doing it we can be familiar with the game. Just like in live poker online, we should not play in our first try the multiple-table but try the single-table for us to be familiar with everything.
  4. Be naturalist – try on making an improvement in your environment where you are playing the Online Poker because it is better to remove those distractions on concentrating on winning.

In our life having those strategies and knowledge in everything, A must know information if you’re going to play online poker we can easily move forward to the next level of our lives, we can gain more experience, we can have more winning but there is always loses.  If you will remember those terminologies, tips, and strategies, rest assured that you can win in a internet gaming site, now do your best by playing an Online Poker.

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