Dirty tricks that online casino use to cheat

Dirty tricks that online casino use to cheat

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The game is played for the sake of pleasure. Like that gamblers take interest in playing slot games in online casinos. Online casino Malaysia are those which are in your access through internet resource. They are based on random number tables. They are automatically operated. Dirty tricks that online casino use to cheat, Gamblers not only get fun, entertainment, relaxation but also get prizes if they win the game. Gamblers don’t even think so that online casino also cheats them. It’s impossible to believe as they work automatic. But you know greediness is also the human nature.

To fulfill human greed’s many casino online owners and software developers cheat their players and make them bank corrupt. Sometimes only software developers take part in cheating to the players. The owner may not even know about that cheating.

Dirty tricks that online casino use to cheat

Dirty tricks that online casino use to cheat
Dirty tricks that online casino use to cheat


It is said that Cheating is a choice, not a mistake.

It’s basically the act of deception, fraud, trickery, imposture or imposition. It’s like a crime as you violates the rule in order to get benefit from the current situation. You are supposed to be unfaithful.


 There are a lot of dirty tricks which online casino may use to cheat you

  • They may stop the game when you are in the position to win the game.
  • They may produce such slot machines which pay less than the statutory minimum.
  • They may use fixed poker machines which always give the same or low results.
  • They may use corrupt regulators in their online casinos.
  • They may take an edge over you by playing with the computer.
  • Online casino may close the account of a user when he is winning.
  • They may also remove rewards in slot machine if the player wins.
  • They may refuse the gambler to take the payment.
  • They may suspend the winning amount of the gambler so, he make another bet.


Cheating of any type or kind anywhere in the world gives you no benefit at all. It may give you the happiness of very short duration which will not remain forever. So, by cheating don’t makes yourself or your casino as a corrupt one. Because it’s only the reputation which takes you to the heights of the sky, which makes you more famous that everyone only familiar with the name of you and of course your casino.

Following are the drawbacks of cheating

  • You and your casino may come in the blacklist of cheaters.
  • The reputation of your casino may fall.
  • The business will ruin up soon.
  • Police may arrest you in online casino cheating case.


Gambler is a one who always ready to take a risk. So, be a gambler it’s your duty to know that in which casino you are going for entertainment. Is that well reputed?? Is it famous or notorious?? Always select that Malaysia online casino which are well reputed, which are popular for their games.  Play on those slot machines which are based on random number table. Win and lose are a part of a game. So, if you lost your money don’t try to blame on any casino for cheating. As you know after a bad luck, there is a good luck waiting for you patiently. Keep yourself calm and try to play your game dedicatedly. Visit only those online casinos which have a licensed from a government for its fair dealing and who have passed the test of its software strength and also check how the owners of that casino are. Your little effort may save you from the big loss.

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