Online Chinese Sic Bo most accurate betting strategy

Online Chinese Sic Bo most accurate betting strategy

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Sic bo is an ancient Chinese game in which three dice are used. It is commonly known as the game of chance. Sicbo online is a casino game quite popular in Asia and widely played all over Macau. In this game, the player has to play against the croupier. The dealer has to shake the dice and then show up the results after it is done. Online Chinese Sic Bo most accurate betting strategy, Sic bo is almost similar to the craps game. However, in craps, there could be used some mathematical calculation to win the game. Whereas in Sic bo it all depends on the luck.

If you are a beginner looking up for some winning strategies then this is the right article for you. The strategies are suitable for every type of the gambler. Some of the strategies used in the Sic bo game are as follows.

Betting strategies

The strategies are divided into three types according to a player’s level.

  • For a beginner, the lower risk strategy is the best.
  • For an intermediate, the medium risk strategy is the best.
  • For high rollers, the high-risk strategy is the most suitable.

Online Chinese Sic Bo most accurate betting strategy

Online Chinese Sic Bo most accurate betting strategy
Online Chinese Sic Bo most accurate betting strategy


The novice gamblers should use the low risk betting strategy in best online sicbo. It has the lowest house edge. 2.78% is the best edge in sic bo game mostly associated with combinations, small, and big bets.

The winning chances in the low-risk strategy are 6 to 1. There is a chance of winning once in every 7 bets. The payout in the game is 6 to 1. To keep a variation in the low-risk strategy you need to set aside 15 betting units and play the combination bets.

The low-risk strategy is perfect for the beginner players as they would want to lose less money while getting familiar with the game.


If you are bored with low wins and want to achieve big while not losing way too much money then we suggest you use the medium risk online sicbo strategy. It gives higher earn-outs while not having too much risk.

The trick is to combine the betting types in such a way that you get four separate chances to win at each spin. Even if you lose each of the time, your money would be ‘insured’ and then finally when you would win, the payout would make it up for all the loses.

This strategy is the best for the gamblers who are at an intermediate stage. Wanting to earn more while learning the game.


The main idea of this strategy is to gain multiple wins at a single spin of the dice. For instance, if you bet at 8 then the winning chances could be a double 2, 1 or 3 and this would be how you could reserve your money in the game.

The high risk sics bo strategy is the best for the gamblers who are quite familiar with the game and ready to risk more amount of money in order to gain larger earn out. This sics bo strategy is quite interesting and keeps the player’s adrenaline in rush.

Sic bo is an easy casino game with a lot of players. The strategies in this game are suitable for every sort of gambler. Whether he is new to the casino or an expert by now. This game solely depends on luck. However, it is upon you whether to choose the high risk method or the lower one. In any case, the excitement and fun are guaranteed.

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