Sports betting strategy that works 100% accurate

Sports betting strategy that works 100% accurate

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In every betting sports game we do, we should always have the “strategy” so here’s the Sports betting strategy that works 100% accurate. But, what strategy can be applied in sports betting?

Here is some list for those sports bettor that doesn’t have their strategies.

  1. Back and Lay – in this kind of strategy, the bettor should have his specific bet on a certain outcome of the game or event, where is your first bet will be called “Back”, while the “Lay” will be your another bet, your bet against your first bet. For example, in a game, you choose the team A as your first bet so it will be considered as the “Back”, and the opponent of the team A which is the team C will if you also bet on them it would be considered as your “Lay”.
  2. Double chance – this strategy is applicable in online sports betting, this is also considered as particularly interesting for more risk-averse betting. This is the type of bet where you will bet on two outcomes of the game (lose or win) it was also applicable in football which has three different possible outcomes (win, draw or lose). For example, for you to have a win-win chance of winning you will have to play safe where in a game you will bet on both team on a win, and either of the two will win you still win.

Sports betting strategy that works 100% accurate

Sports betting strategy that works 100% accurate
Sports betting strategy that works 100% accurate
  1. Halftime/Full time bets – this type of strategy is a little risky because you will perform a bet in halftime and in a full time game, you need to focus on the game because your bet will be based on how’s the game going. You will bet in halftime on the team who is leading and also in full time. This strategy is applicable in football, rugby, American football, and basketball.
  2. Handicaps – it is the most interesting strategy in sports betting. You have to bet on a team starting with a backlog which should be equalized throughout the game. By the handicap, the odds will usually get way higher than if you just bet on a regular win of the team.
  3. Head to heads bet (H2H) – it is only applicable for individual sports and on two competitors. You will bet in both players. This is only applicable in racing sports.
  4. Hedging – this is about hedging your bet against the possible loss through selling and buying other bets. For example, you “Back” bet will be a win, your “Lay” bet is lost, so your “hedge” will be a draw. Hedging is always against your bet.
  5. Multi-bet – this betting strategy is used to gain high overall sports odd by adding several single bets (called legs) to one bet. But, bear in mind that this kind of strategy, your risk of losing the bet increases with each added legs as the odds get higher and higher. This strategy can be used in football.
  6. Last minute goal – this betting strategy is the most popular because your bet sports is based on the current standing where you can earn some good profits. For example, in the last part of the game (last quarter) the Team B is the leading team, so you will bet to them because they have more chances to win the game.
  7. Lucky 15 bet – this bet is obviously is 15, where your bets are divided into four (4) categories. 4 single beds, 6 two-leg multi-bet, 4 three-leg multi-bet, and 1 four-leg multi bet.

Just choose wisely in which Sports betting strategy that works 100% accurate will you use when you’re in a sports gambling game.

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