Tips that can improve your winning chances in a live casino

Tips that can improve your winning chances in a live casino

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In our every daily life winning a money as a prize was so much blessing, so maybe, that’s why people gambles their money Tips that can improve your winning chances in a live casino in the casino for them to win a high amount of money. But, the only thing is, the chances to win in an online casino games  is just a single digit percent.

So here are some tips for the starter players of the game roulette

  1. Make your money last – for us to enjoy more set of plays in roulette, we should have deep pockets, but even without those so-called deep pockets, we can enjoy a multiple set game of roulette by just splitting up our money.
  2. Leave while you still can – keep monitoring to your balance when playing in a bet online casino Malaysia, because the longer time you play is the greater you lose money.
  3. Keep track of you loss – set a number of losses before playing, for you to know when will you stop playing the game.
  4. Play with real wheels – conducting games with real wheels than the software was more efficient, because you can’t say if software is rigged or not.

Tips that can improve your winning chances in a live casino

Tips that can improve your winning chances in a live casino
Tips that can improve your winning chances in a live casino

Every  live casino real money roulette players should know this thing listed below for them to gain more chances.

  1. Always start on the outside – always keep your bets on the outside, because on the outside you can have a much better chance of not losing your money. Putting your bet in red/black, high/low and odd/even will not give you a so much prize money but at least you are sure that you will not go to lose much.
  2. Spin the wheel – before you start on playing roulette, spin the wheel first for a couple of times for you to determine if the wheel is biased, because some wheels usually land on odd numbers, also observe the online casino games, workers, because they usually applied just a same force on the roulette that’s resulting in bias.
  3. Practice at free table – playing at free table betting will increase your confidence and you can have the chance to study other players’ strategy.
  4. Know your difference – in roulette, there is a two type of it, the American and European version. Also, if you’re going to play roulette choose European because in there you can have more chance to win, while in American it has an extension of 00 that reduces your chances to win.

If you think you started to lose in roulette, you should try this strategy to regain your money.

  1. Martingale Strategy – started to lose your grip in roulette in online gambling? Try this strategy that sticks to one place bet while doubling ups your bet. For example; you start to bet on the black, then in the first spin it turn out red, so you have to double the bet you place in the black, then in the second spin it is red again, so you will triple your bet until it turns out black. You’re not going to lose you will just regain the money you lose because it will and will turn out to black.
  2. The James Bond Roulette Strategy – this strategy involves considering the money you will bet, first you need to divide the money, and then spread it across the board. In here, you still have a chance to win even one number.
  3. En prison rule – this strategy only applies in European roulette. For example; you will place your bet in the black and then the ball will land to 0, so the house will keep the bet untouched, then it will go on to another spin, if it lands to black, you will just get back your bet money.

If you did all of this Tips that can improve your winning chances in a live casino, rest assured that the chances you will have in playing roulette will be big.

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